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More than ever, Lilou is involved in his association Street Off. He organizes, shares and teaches his vision of the Hip-Hop culture, helping new generations of bboys grow and keep the french movement shining worldwide.

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Year 2017

Menno is also
a double champion…
Like Lilou

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After winning the 2014 edition, Menno is back at it again : he defeats everybody during the 2017 Red Bull BC One. He is the third bboy to win the competition twice, after Lilou and Hong 10.

In my head, I’m a soldier

Nobody can take that from me, and you can’t workout to get it. When you reach the top of the mountain, there is the other side of the mountain as well. A lot of people made their way to the top, but fell back miserably to the bottom.


When it comes to technique, the new generation generationgenerationis better than me. But mentally, I can’t be defeated.

Les Héros
des Hostos

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The "Héros des Hostos" is a solidarity project, supported by the collective Street OFF, a cultural event bringing together many artists from the urban scene (Brahim Zaibat, Jhon Rachid or Medine to name a few), to collect money donated to associations working for sick children.

The Rock Steady Crew
celebrates its 40th anniversary

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Moonwalks with an umbrella, backspins, Wild Style, Beat Street, Flashdance, bboying in the streets of New-York, bboy stance & electric boogaloo...

Les Indes

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Director Clément Cogitore brings krump on the Opéra de Paris stage.

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