While the rappers from the 113 crew enter the stage of the Victoires de la Musique in a Peugeot 504 to claim their award, the Pokemon Crew goes from victory to victory, fuelling the passion for breakdance in the streets of Lyon. Total Session, in Grenoble, marks a first step on an ever-ascending path towards greatness.

year 2000year 2000year 2000
year 2000

At the time, VHS would always reach Paris first, sometimes we had to wait years for them to reach Lyon. We had no choice but to create our own style.


People called us the GYMNASTS GYMNASTSGYMNASTSbecause we were doing a lot of spinning...

The Notorious IBE
is cancelled

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For the first and only time, the Notorious IBE won’t happen. Another event, Seven2Smoke, is launched. It’s an intense 1v1 event where you have to defeat 7 bboys in a row.

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  • Hip-Hop US
  • OutKast — B.O.B.
  • Nelly — Country Grammar (Hot...)
  • Eminem — The Real Slim Shady
  • M.O.P. — Ante Up
  • Shyne — Bad Boyz
  • Wu-Tang Clan — Gravel Pit
  • Mystikal — Shake It Fast
  • Xzibit Featuring Dr. Dre & Snoop Dogg — X
  • Black Rob — Whoa!
  • Prodigy — Keep It Thoro
  • Hip-Hop FR
  • Busta Flex — Hip Hop Forever
  • Mystik, K-Reen — Le fruit défendu
  • KDD — Le geste
  • Lunatic — Pas le temps pour les regrets
  • Disiz la Peste — J'pète les plombs
  • Assassin — Sérieux dans nos affaires
  • Le Rat Luciano — Il est fou ce monde
  • Scred Connexion — Partis de rien
  • Mission Suicide — Sport de sang
  • Bouga — Belsunce Breakdown